Autumn Potter
Creative Arts Therapist

Autumn, she/her, is adept at engaging your inner resources and creativity to provide you support in developing your unique and organic coping skills and management of your emotional experience. Autumn is holistically oriented and welcomes your vast array of beliefs and world views to further enhance your therapy together. Autumn identifies as a New Yorker, a Coloradan, a musician, and an avid hiker. Prior to her life as a therapist and teacher, Autumn was an actor, giving her the ability to truly be multi-modal as a therapist, offering an array of creative therapeutic interventions.

Autumn has specialized in working with children, adolescents, and young adults and has close to a decade of experience working as a teacher in public and private schools. This has greatly informed her ability to engage her clients safely and with compassion. For the past 10 years, Autumn has worked with preschool-age children, refugee youth, and adolescents in a variety of settings as a teacher and a therapist. She also has experience developing curriculum that provides multi-sensory experiences to youth, allowing her to deliver art therapy directives that are both engaging and individually tailored.

Currently, Autumn is also leading an art therapy group with older adults (65+) to provide them support during the pandemic. Before joining Creative Now Therapy, Autumn spent a year training in an adult inpatient psychiatric unit working with major mental health diagnoses and treating the underlying trauma that often accompanies them.

Autumn Potter, MPS, CAT, Creative Arts Therapist, has been a member of the Creative Now Therapy team since 2020. Autumn is supervised by Cristina to further develop her work as an art therapist and to provide somatically oriented interventions. Autumn obtained her Masters in Creative Arts Therapy from The School of Visual Arts in 2019, graduating with high honors and recipient of the Ray Levine Award.

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